Dick Gibbs CMA Scholarship Awards


Awards are given to two Colorado senior high school students—one male and one female—for outstanding performance in state and national mathematics competitions over several years. Each awardee will each receive a $1,000 scholarship to be used at any certified American University

The core guiding principle is demonstrated excellence across a wide range of problem-solving conditions. This means solving several multiple-choice or single answer problems within a short period of time, as well as solving a few problems requiring explanations or proofs within a few—or even several—hours. Some math contests are hybrid—including both types.

Selection Process

First, performance results over the past six years by Colorado male and female high school seniors are compiled for the following national math competitions:

  • MATHCOUNTS (SHORT time allowed per problem: e.g., only seconds in countdown round)
  • AMC 8, AMC 10 A&B, AMC 12 A&B (SHORT time allowed per problem: 1-3 minutes)
  • AMC Young Women in Mathematics Certificate Program (Certificates awards are based upon AMC 8, 10A&B, 12A&B results, so only a SHORT time allowed per problem)
  • AMC Invitational contests: USA Math Olympiad and USA Junior Math Olympiad (LONG time allowed per problem: both are 9-hour, 6-problem essay competitions)
  • Colorado Team 1 membership for ARML competitions (HYBRID: SHORT-time/short-answer format for

    individuals and teams, plus LONG-time, proof-based power question for teams.)

Next, for high school seniors who have performed notably well in these national competitions, their performance in three state-level competitions is compiled.

Summary of Results

Srinivas Arun (Campus Middle School and Cherry Creek High School, Greenwood Village) has consistently demonstrated outstanding performance over several years across the entire spectrum of national-level and state-level math contests in all formats (SHORT- and LONG-time and HYBRID formats).

Kelly Young (Summit Middle School and Fairview High School in Boulder) has successfully participated in a broad range of SHORT-time and HYBRID math contests over many years: AMC 10 & 12 and Colorado Math League contests, and UNC State Math Contest and Colorado ARML Team 1 competitions, respectively.

Dr. Richard “Dick” Gibbs was a co-founder and co-chair of Colorado Math Awards with Dr. David Carlson during 1996-2023. After teaching at Ft. Lewis College for 28 years (1971-98), Dick worked with the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team and taught at math camps around the world. He also loved jazz festivals, poker parties, and sharing a good joke! –from the Durango Herald, January 8, 2024.