Building a positive math community. 


Cultivating future scientists, techies, mathematicians & engineers.


Exploring & journeying together.

Colorado Math Awards honors 64 top Colorado middle school and high school math students!
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Dick Gibbs CMA Scholarship Awards to Top Male and Female High School Seniors!
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Mission and Vision

Recognizing outstanding performance
in national and international mathematics competitions
by Colorado middle school, high school, and undergraduate college students.

Since 1996, holding an annual awards program for top students and their families and teacher/coaches.

th, 2024 at the University of Denver.

Since 2023, promoting increased participation in these and other regional and state-level math competitions—especially by rural and historically underserved students.

A Community Like No Other

Generations of mathematicians and educators coming together for a vision into the future. 

The recognition of celebration of student math success has inspired Colorado youth for grander achievements.

Leaders of vision generously sponsor the joyous occasions year after year.

CMA is leading the cause to help traditionally under-represented groups for access of resources.

CMA has served Colorado for more than 25 years and continue to commit efforts.

Join us, for an exhilarating mission!