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Donations to Colorado Math Awards and the Dick Gibbs CMA Scholarship Fund are temporarily suspended

Since 2009, the Colorado Math Awards (CMA) has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with the Fort Lewis College Foundation. We appreciate their steadfast support in facilitating donations for our annual reception and awards program over the past 15 years. 

As the scope of CMA’s activities has expanded, we’ve ventured beyond our traditional annual program. Last fall, we inaugurated a mini-grant program aimed at assisting rural middle schools in preparing students for the AMC 8 exam. We’ve recently inaugurated the Dick Gibbs CMA Scholarship Fund, designed to honor exceptional male and female high school seniors who demonstrate prowess in math competitions. 

While these new endeavors are exciting, they do not align with the primary mission of the Fort Lewis College Foundation, which focuses on directly supporting Fort Lewis College students and programs. Fort Lewis College expresses profound gratitude to Dick Gibbs, Emeritus Professor, for his years of dedicated service and guidance to students, his department, and Colorado Math Awards. 

We’re engaged in discussions with another 501(c)(3) organization that aligns with our broader vision. Until our new giving platform is operational, donations to the Dick Gibbs CMA Scholarship Fund and other CMA programs will not be processed through the Ft. Lewis College Foundation. 

We are committed to updating this page and reaching out directly once our new donation system is established. In the interim, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive notifications.

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